Posted by: vlbyers | February 16, 2011

Tenacatita, Barra Navidad and La Manzanilla

Larry in La Manzanilla

Town Square La Manzanilla

Barra Lagoon

Cooling off in the lagoon

We have finally made it to warmer weather and water. After leaving the beautiful anchorages of Paraiso and Careyes we continued our southern track to Tenacatita and Barra Navidad. Tenacatita is a beautiful anchorage which consists of 2 bays. Our approach was in the afternoon when the wind piped up to 17 knots and we first pulled into the most northern anchorage, after getting the main sail down and realizing there was noone else anchored here, because of the exposure, we headed to the second anchorage. After pulling around the bend we began seeing the other boats at anchor. This is a beautiful bay which has changed drastically in the past year. The beach we first saw used to be lined with palapa restaurants and small hotels, now those are all gone and as we took a dinghy trip later in the week with our friends from Oya, Craig and Kiki, we felt it looked like a ghost town. They had been here many times in the past years and were sad to see the changes. What we are hearing is that there is a land dispute and the businesses on the beach didn’t have the right to be there.
La Manzanilla is across the bay and we took the 15 min dinghy ride to this little town. It is easily walked in about an hour, even if you poke into many tiendas to see what they have for sale. We were able to stock up on some fresh fruit and veges.
From Tenacatita it is a short hop to Barra de Navidad, which we had heard about from many of our friends as a great place. The entrance to the lagoon is marked with the requisite red and green markers however the foliage hides them until you are right on top of them. We also had waypoints due to the very narrow deep part and the sides which are known for grounding many a boat. Following the points brought us right into the lagoon without a problem, we did time it for an almost high tide just to make sure.
Barra is a hangout for many cruisers some have been coming here year after year and for some Barra is the furthest south they travel before heading north to summer in Puerto Vallarta or La Paz. The french baker has been delivering his creations to cruisers in town, at the marina and in the lagoon for many years and we ordered several types of croissants, quiches and a loaf of multi grain bread. The town of Barra reminds me of a Southern California coastal town, with the tourist shops and the beachy feel. Along with the brousing of many of the shops we went out our last night here to listen to some live music at Pipers bar. The band was one of the best I have listened to and Larry and I danced the night away.
On to Santiago and Manzanillo


  1. It is so fun to read your blog…very nostalgic! Can’t wait to see you guys!

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