Posted by: vlbyers | March 4, 2011


Ok I could live here

Terrain near Isla Ixtapa

Lots of water activities

Wow, this is for sure one of our milestones as far as travel in our ‘condo on the water’ goes. I think San Francisco was our first, although we didn’t verbalize it, definitely cruising under the golden gate was an emotional experience. After that probably San Diego, we were ready to go to Mexico at that point. From there it has been pretty easy sailing, of course we did have a 3 day Sea of Cortez crossing with just Larry and I after Andrew abandoned us:)
This is as far south as we have been, we have had friends and acquaintances who spent time here and we were envious although we had other plans to cruise in the Sea for several months prior to heading south so other than envy there was nothing to be done. Now we are here, many miles behind us and many more possibly more challenging in front of us. Gone are the little 5-20 mile easy jumps from one anchorage to another. We are into the 1-4 day sails now.

We will spend a month here in Z-town as the locals refer to it. We have been anchored in 3 places in the last 4 days. Our first anchorage was closer to the main dock and the busier and more dirty part of the bay. The next day we moved, I wanted to have an opportunity to swim and snorkel. The other part of the bay, while cleaner, certainly is not pristine by any stretch of the imagination. So we are here at our 3rd anchorage off the little island just north of Ixtapa called appropriately enough, Isla Ixtapa. Here the water is cleaner in fact after anchoring I went for a swim to cool down. We visited our friends on Rapscullion and when we returned I took another dive in. This time it was dark and I relaxed in the water, looking up at the stars-ahhhh this is wonderful.
Wow what a busy place during the weekends with all the locals coming here on their days off but after sunset everything quiets down, the jet skis and seadoos and pangas all are quiet for the night and we are left with the anchorage to ourselves. This anchorage is only about 1 mile offshore and the depths range from about 20 to 13 feet so finding a spot to anchor isn’t an issue as far as depth goes. The other issue is the swell, which generally comes from one direction but by any land form can wrap around and come from many directions, which is what it does here. We put a stern anchor out after the first night but after very, VERY rolly nights I was ready to get back to a protected bay.
After our walk on the island, snorkeling the coral reef just off the shore we were ready to head back. Before our return we did indulge ourselves in a massage on the beach. UMMM we’ll sleep well tonight.

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