Posted by: vlbyers | March 21, 2011

A trip to Dothan Alabama

Larry, Vicki, Mike, Ginger and Mom

Mom and Larry at Huggin Molly's

Meeting friends and enjoying music at Rafas

Cruising seems to be a lesson in flexibility. We need to be flexible about where we are, when we leave and arrive at destinations and what may be there when we get there. Our families require flexibility also as there are times when it isn’t easy to keep in touch with family and friends but as we are traveling in a foreign country we feel it is important to keep in touch as best we can.
It was during one of the calls back home that Larry decided it was time to see his family so we made the arrangements and flew out of Ixtapa to Atlanta Georgia. Larry and I have different opinions as to timing our arrival at the airport. Larry would like to get there very early, I would like to walk in, check in, walk through security and walk onto the plane. I have had to change however with the advent of the security measures nowadays, and traveling in city which we are unfamiliar with, I realize that often there are unexpected delays, so we have been going with Larry’s timeframe.
We got to the airport 2 ½ hours early, this time the result was a pleasant change, we were asked if we wanted to take the next flight which was departing in a half hour and would get us to Atlanta 2 hours earlier. Well yes! So we were able to then get a little of Vicki’s schedule by walking through security, walking to the gate and walking onto the plane only minutes before takeoff.
The flight was uneventful and we arrived in Atlanta, got the rental car, and were greeted by torrential rain and tornado warnings. One thing we realized quickly was that we didn’t have enough cold weather clothing with us, burrrr. The trip to the hotel was slow as at times we couldn’t see the road ahead of us for the downpour. Although we were on the lookout we never did see an actual tornado, good thing I think. We stopped first to see Larry’s mom and then his brother and sister. Everyone was glad to see us and we stayed with his brother out in the country, rolling hills, lots of trees and very peaceful. We were able to see his mother almost every day, we took a trip to Panama city to see 2 sisters and brother-in-law. Spent a few hours walking on the beaches of Panama city beach watching all the spring breakers enjoying the surf and sun. We were also able to do some shopping for items we are not able to get here. Now we have a generator to supplement out power needs.
How come it seems that natural disasters happen while we are away from the boat. Last year we left the boat in La Cruz where there were water spouts and a weather bomb producing up to 80 mph winds, and then the earthquake and Tsunami of last year. This year it was the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. The morning of the disaster we woke very early to the horrible news and then spent the day wondering if there would be any effect where we were anchored in Mexico. Thankfully many friends here were watching out for Rocinante and Caly and reported via e-mail that all was well.
Back onboard here in Zihuantanejo, enjoying the heat, the cool breezes and our life here. We have met up with our friends who cruised on Lady J with us last year, they have returned to the land life and are visiting for a few weeks here in the area. We have proposed to them about crewing with us to Acapulco and Huatulco and the idea is simmering….how cool would that be??!! Last night we enjoyed their bungalow complete with pool and huge surf for some boogie boarding. Watching the sun set and the surfers catching the waves was truly relaxing as we discussed our plans for the future and caught up with each other.
We will enjoy our last days here getting together with friends for a jam session, going out to a farewell dinner, seeing part of the town we haven’t yet gone to, and preparing for our trip south which is fast approaching. It is exciting to think of moving on and again a bit sad to leave a place where, well I think Larry could actually live here


  1. Sounds like a nice trip. Glad you are back safe and sound. Missing the crew of Rocinante. xoxo

  2. Wow! You guys made it back to Rocinante quick! Seems like it. We so enjoyed the time we had visiting with you and I don’t know when I’ve seen your Mom smiling as much as being with her family. Glad your time in PC was great. Hope we can stay in touch more…..I get really sloppy with emails, but I’ll try reading up on your trips more. Much luvs, Mike & Linda

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