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Rocky, reefy coastline typical of this part of Mexico, Puerto Angel

It's the biggest one yet

Rita, Larry and Steve on approach to Puerto Angel

Marina Park Hotel lobby

Church in Santa Maria

Steve 'Now there's some pineapples'

kids at school

Rita, Steve, Vicki and Larry at Don Porfirio

Our arrival in Huatulco, which is not so much a place as a stretch of beaches along a ten-mile coastal area, would be to the first anchorage of Puerto Angel. This cove was truly magical, the coastline here is rocky, dotted with reefs and has many small indentations to the coast, some are large enough to accommodate a boat or two. After our 40 hour passage we arrived to this cove at 0800, a little sleep deprived but feeling pretty good all around. The charts showed the area which would be clear for navigation and anchoring, the problem is that the local fishing boats, pangas, occupied most of the space, we would have to bow and stern anchor to prevent swinging into the rocks which always feel too close.
Another anchorage was just a few miles further on and looked bigger so we opted to continue on. This proved to be a good move as Larry, with his fishing line out, got a fish on and whooooppppeeee it was jumping out of the water!! This means it is not a Jack Craval, they don’t jump out of the water and which we have caught far too many of, because they are not very good eating. This time Larry had a mahi mahi on the line. After fighting well and bringing the fish near the boat Steve and I readied the hook, we had misplaced our net and this would be the first time to attempt landing a fish with only a hook. I had the hook ready, Steve grabbed the line, trying not to have his finger sliced off, as he brought the fish closer he was able to grab the swivel where the line attached to the leader, he had the swivel with a firm grasp when the line unraveled from the swivel!! I was able to catch the hook in the fish’s gill and bring the fish aboard, thankfully, If Steve hadn’t had the leader we would have lost that fish.
Larry and Steve did a fine job of filleting the fish and we enjoyed some sashimi and some grilled mahi mahi that night, Rita was a good sport and tried the sashimi although it is still not her favorite.
We stayed in this cove called San Augustin for a night, did some swimming and exploring and a little bit of snorkeling but decided to move on as the swell came right into the anchorage making for a bit of a rolly night.
The next anchorage was Bahia Chachacual. This anchorage has a bit more room to tuck around the corner away from the swell and it’s opening faces more easterly with rocks that give protection from the swell. Unlike Augustin there are no palapas or tiendas here, just a few pangas which visit during the day and are gone at night, this makes for great stargazing and amazingly quiet evenings, the only sounds bring the crashing of the waves against the rocks. The water is clear and the snorkeling was very fun, it is one of the areas governed by the national park system and requires a permit to anchor or go ashore.
Our next stop would be Bahia Chahue and the marina, we had been over 2 months without being at a marina and Rocinante needed a good scrubbing. The marina entrance was tight, didn’t give us much under our keel and of course we felt as if we were going in blind since we didn’t have much information from our guide books. Better get used to that one, gone are the beautifully illustrated and detailed books we have been using while in Mexico. Our friends worked hard right next to us cleaning and getting Rocinante ship shape, their gift back to us for taking them on this adventure, we were actually thankful to have them along on these 2 long passages. Their next gift was allowing us to share their 2 bedroom condo, with air conditioning!! We lounged for the next 3 days, seeing the sights of the Huatulco area, enjoying some of the local food and preparing to see our friends off when they had to go back to the states. It had been a fun adventure, one we would certainly write home about.
thanks Steve and Rita for the memories!


  1. Great depiction of our wonderful trip with you guys. It is sad to be home (in the pouring rain) and seeing the beautiful pictures! When is our next trip?????

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