Posted by: vlbyers | April 22, 2011

Enjoying Huatulco

Condos around anchorage

Cruise ship dock in Huatulco

Jeorgia and Kokomo enjoying music at La Crema

Band at La Crema

Cruise ship entering Santa Cruz in Huatulco

Dessert from Alejandros in Huatulco

Dinner at La Crema

While in Huatulco we were fortunate to meet up with about 7 other boats headed to El Salvador. We had met at various places while cruising in Mexico, some we met last year and had developed friendships with, some we only recently met, still during our time here at what would be our last Mexican port, we got together many times to share meals on each others boats, enjoy the beaches and water, shared taxis into town for shopping trips into town, enjoyed an air-conditioned movie, and shared anchorages where we got to know each other quite well.
One day Chris and I were invited to have a sewing bee’ on Sweetie with Shannon who generously donated her sewing machine to me as I was making a project, replacing the wind scoop, a piece of fabric with ties to direct the air flow down into the boat, very important when you don’t have large windows to open or air conditioning. Chris was making some shades for the side of their cockpit, I think you are seeing a trend here, it is hot and sunny and we need ways to keep cool.
One popular way to stay cool is to get into the water and float around. We have dubbed these get togethers ‘noodle parties’ since the floaty noodles are easy to have on a boat, you wouldn’t want to have to expend energy to keep afloat. Henry who is on Rapscullion donated the underneath of his catamaran as a shade for our noodle party, although he actually looked surprised when we all swam over, I guess you are always the last to know.
One very fun and memorable night we all got together to eat and drink and listen to live music at a place in Huatulco called La Crema. Many of us ordered the stone oven baked pizza, yummy. The music began at 10pm, a little late for cruisers as we are often yawning and wondering how late it is at 8pm, however it was well worth the late hour. There was a lead singer, guitar player, bass, guitar and drums, young people who played many different genres of music from pop to soul to R & B, to Rock and country.
Having the common bond of heading to the same place you can imagine that the topic of conversation often falls to discussing routes we will take, provisioning, repairs needing to be made, weather, weather and weather. After being together for several weeks at various anchorages one by one we began the checkout process, we knew our time here was coming to an end. It is exciting to see our friends pulling out of the anchorage knowing the journey that lies ahead of them, wishing them the best and wishing we were leaving with them. We waited a few extra days due to our friends/crew arriving from the states.
Our friends Vicki and Lane are cruisers themselves, although they haven’t left the dock yet this is the year they plan to do so and they wanted to get some offshore experience, so they chose the Tehuantepec bay, notorious for nasty weather, big wind and waves some winds are so strong the storms are called a Tehuantepeker. the wind can blow so strongly that boats are blown out to sea hundreds of miles. The debate rages between 2 schools of thought, hug the coast the term ‘keeping one foot on the shore’ just several miles out, or take the straight route right across the bay which at the furthest would take you about 90 miles off shore. Our thought is that we will hug the shore, the argument for that one is that if there are big winds you are able to avoid the big waves since the wind can’t stir them up until you get much further offshore.
We went through the checkout process, paperwork has to be taken to several different authorities with their official stamps and then visits to our boat are made from Immigration and Customs. We started the process on Thursday and were lucky to have it done by Thursday night, after which we got together for one last night on Rapscullion for some snacks and music shared with Sweetie and Jeorgia. Sweetie and Jeorgia would be leaving the next day while we would stay at an anchorage for one more night hoping to enjoy some snorkeling prior to leaving on Saturday, April 16th. Last minute provisioning was done for our fruits and veges and ice and we headed out on Friday to Tangolundo.
This was a rolly anchorage unfortunately and I did not start our trip feeling as rested as I would have liked to. Vicki and Lane have been trying to accustom themselves to the heat and humidity so they haven’t been sleeping either. Well I guess this is just to get us used to the sleep depravation we usually feel while on a long passage. That last night we sat under the stars talking about the passage, some of the discussion was practical like how to use the GPS and some centered around our thoughts and feelings about this, the longest passage yet for Larry and I and the longest and the ‘first’ offshore for Vicki and Lane. We turned in early hoping to get good rest for the next day.
Tune in for Tehuantepec Crossing, Vicki

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