Posted by: vlbyers | June 24, 2011

Leaving Bahia del Sol for the NW

Our final days and weeks in Bahia del Sol were spent readying the boat to be on ‘her’ own for a length of time while we are visiting family and friends in the NW. Our chores consisted of making sure the boat was watertight as the daily rains would surely find their way inside even the smallest opening. Every area in the boat was checked for any leakage and mold, this means taking all stored items out of every crevace and thoroughly cleaning with bleach solution the inside of all lockers. During this cleaning process we were amazed at the things we found, you would think on a 40 ft boat that there wouldn’t be many places for things to hide, but many times I found myself saying ‘I forgot we had this’. There are things that we thought were indespensable when we left to go cruising that over the last 2 years we didn’t use, those things can go off the boat. Those things amounted to 2 bags worth of stuff-yeah more room on the boat!!
Larry worked at removing all the chocks on the toerail and rebedding all of them with new epoxy and sealing with new caulk. I was busy removing the deck plates and inspecting the chainplates for any corrosion and stress cracks and resealing those also. We also resealed the top hatches with new seal. The rains were coming pretty regularly until we got all our work done and then we didn’t really have a good rain to test our work.
All the sails were removed and stored with a friend, everything was taken off the deck to decrease the windage and everything was stowed below. Of course the refrigerator and freezer were cleaned out and all perishable items were given away. We left much of the canned food and any non perishable food that wasn’t opened, minus any flour, and we will see how it fares when we return. The biggest thing that we are concerned about is the humidity, of course coupled with the heat, can be very destructive.
I am in the process of making new settee cushions and a new bed for the master, before we left we purchased all the fabric and the foam, the foam is cut into appropriate peices for the settee and we disposed of the old cushions. That will be my big job when we return to the boat.
Of course it was not all work and no play, we still had time to spend with our cruising friends, Sweetie, Kokomo, Sound Effect, Precious Metal, Rapscullion, Mita Kulu, Zepplin, Maestro, Kona and Sea Quest along with some of our non-cruising friends. Hanging out in the pool during the heat of the day was a regular event, going for a bite to eat or having a meal at a friends boat was also a favorite activity in the last few weeks.
We will miss the cruising life for a few months, but escaping the heat and humidity of this area of the world to enjoy the Pacific Northwest cool summer and our family is like heaven on earth. We have met and made such great friends in these past few months and hopefully will be able to meet up with them somewhere down the line, ready for new adventures in another part of the world.
We will only be updating the log occasionally until we return to our adventure on the sea, we hope you will continue with us in the coming months.


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