Posted by: Lare | July 22, 2011

Seeing the Family in Oregon

Vicki and I are now in Gold Hill, Oregon visiting with her brother Mark and his Vicki. We’re having a great time river rafting the Rogue, eating, touring the Oregon Caves, eating, visiting Ashland, playing tennis, eating, sleeping, eating…..Do you see a consistent theme here? Today we’ll raft another part of the Rogue River and probably eat more. I think I’m gaining weight, but at least we’re getting plenty of exercise. Yesterday’s visit to the Oregon Caves was very interesting. The guide told us an interesting story about it’s discovery by Elijah Davidson in 1874.

Larry and Vicki Rollin' On the River

Our Little Hitch Hiker

Nicole, Jordyn, Nate, Colin, Angela, Vicki,Larry, Mark, and Vicki Outside the Caves

Spooky Huh?

Elijah was out hunting bear with his dog when they saw one entering a cave. His dog followed the bear into the cave and wouldn’t come back when Elijah called. Worried about his hound, Elijah went looking armed only with a box of wooden matches. Eventually he ran out of matches and was stuck deep in the caves with no light. Following the sound of the water he somehow found his way out without his dog. Thinking the dog may still be following the bear, Elijah killed a deer and placed it near the entrance hoping to attract the bear. He waited all night until sleep overcame him. The next morning he awoke being pawed and licked–luckily by his dog and not the bear. Other than some new cuts and scrapes, his best friend was fine. The deer carcass had apparently been found by the bear. The tour is described as moderately strenuous requiring that you climb 542 steps temperatures as low 44F.
It’s great seeing our niece Angela, (who we haven’t seen in a couple of years), and her fiance Colin. Our other niece Jordyn is now 16 and will be a senior in high school. Although it’s hard being away from the boat, spending time with the family makes the trips back very special.
On Monday we head to Portland where we’ll meet up with Vicki’s other brother Dave and pick up our motor home. After that we’ll head to Lake Entiat in Eastern Washington to spend a week with Lauren, Jeff and the kids. Man, this retired life is busy!

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