Posted by: vlbyers | August 9, 2011

Heading down the coast again???!!!

What were we thinking? Haven’t we done this before?? I recall it wasn’t that fun the last time!
While Rocinante is safe and sound on her mooring in El Salvador we will board our friends boat ‘Adesso’ and head south with them making the same passage to San Francisco, the first offshore passage Larry and I did almost 2 years ago, the one that will forever be etched in my memory.
Being lifelong sailors they have dreamed for many years to sail out of their home port and go cruising once the kids were grown. We met through one of their children and got to know them during the last 2 years before we left on our own cruising trip. We had much in commom being sailors and desiring someday to sail off into the sunset, exploring the world from our small sailboats. I remember the shock on their faces when we told them we bought our offshore boat, sold our smaller boat and were planning to leave in a few short months. They have been living on their boat and readying the boat and themselves for cruising for many years, in between jobs, grandkids and life which is able to detour many dreams if allowed. Thankfully during this time we had been able to become very good friends whom with we could share our hopes and dreams along with some of our disappointments.
During our 2 years of cruising we have remained in contact while away and visited during our stays here in the NW, becoming even closer friends. Also during this time they have been keeping up with us reading our blog, living our adventure through our words and pictures, continuing to dream of when they would go cruising. They even traveled to Mexico to help us with the challenging gulf of Tehuantepec crossing which would also give them some offshore experience.
Also during this time Larry and I have talked at length with our friends about our experiences of now being cruisers on a small boat, understanding that it difficult to let go of the lines that bind us to a place. Those ties to children, grandchildren and friends can be more difficult to sever than the lines holding the boat to the dock. I know for myself that finding a balance between our cruising life and our family has been a challenge, sometimes we miss birthdays, 1st birthdays, Christmas’s, Mother’s days…and on and on. So far we haven’t missed any births or weddings, something I feel blessed to have been included in and been a part of. Knowing these things and having taken off cruising on our own, we also know the pleasures we have gotten, hazardous conditions that have tested our nerves, the beauty of a new port after enduring a passage, sadness leaving a place coupled with the excitement of seeing the next one, meeting other cruisers and new cultures, endless sunsets and sunrises, fishing and all the other experiences that make up this cruising life, the things that we knew our friends have been looking forward to.
It is these experiences that boistered me to encourage them to cut the lines, ‘none of us are getting any younger’ we would all say and that was often the subject of our conversations, so our encouragement was blatent, not desiring to hold back any of our feelings, we continued to badger them about ‘setting a date’ to cast off.
It became apparent in our exchange of e-mails that this year was to be the year that they ‘cut the lines’. I was extatic for them as I relived our last few months here and our trip down the coast. They didn’t mention having any other crew for the Edmonds to San Francisco passage and all I could think of was what would we have done without our 3rd crew member, our son Andrew. He was such a valuable asset and I couldn’t think of making the trip without him, us being such novice offshore sailors at that time. Now our friends were thinking of doing just that, so I posed the question to Larry, musing really, ‘What if we offered to make the trip to San Francisco with them’? Would we be crazy to offer? He didn’t bring up any immediate resistance so before I had the chance to come to my senses I sent off the e-mail making our offer.
So on August 10th, 2011 we will board ‘Adesso’ with as much warm clothing as our small bags can carry ready to head out of Edmonds marina with Lane and Vicki Scott helping them to fulfill a lifelong dream. San Francisco here we come, again.
Thank you for allowing us to share in your dream:)
Of course we will cronicle this journey, so watch for pics and the trip in all it’s detail.


  1. Best wishes for a smooth voyage.
    Paul & Sharon

  2. Hey, wonderful experience for you. I know what we would have given to have the experience you bring for our trip south. Enjoy and keep posting on the journey so we can follow along. All is well here, one daugher gone and another joining us on Thursday for 2 weeks then back up to Loreto area for the remaining time of the summer.

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