Posted by: vlbyers | October 12, 2011

One of the greatest Adventures

It is true, Rocinante and her crew have been to many exciting and beautiful places and we haven’t even made it past central america yet. At the moment Rocinante and her crew are taking a break from the cruising adventure. We have been here in the NW awaiting one of the most exciting adventures of all, the arrival of the newest little angel to our world, a new grandson.
Sawyer James was born at 12:36am on 10-11, only 36 minutes after his due date came and went and weighing in at a respectable 9 lbs and 6 oz. His father, Jeff was able to lift him to the waiting arms of his mother, Lauren. I was honored to assist with this birth as were his sister, Daphne and aunt Bridgette who were also there during labor. Grandma Kluge was the photographer (I will have to wait to upload pics until I get them) Grandpas Jim and Larry were eagerly waiting downstairs taking care of all the wise grandfatherly duties.
Sawyer joins a family of 2 sisters, Daphne, 11 who was at the delivery helping her mom, and Addison who is 20 months and thankfully was sleeping at the time, also helping the best way she could.
We are all recovering nicely, whew it is hard work being a grandma, getting the 11-year-old off to school, making breakfast for Addison and mom, getting some coffee and food for myself, entertaining Addison when she needs some face time, then there is snack time, then bath time, then lunch time then NAP TIME yeah!!! Then off to flute practice for me, then back to work, it’s bath time for Sawyer (assistant only), Jeff made dinner for us all tonight, time to clean up and then send mom up for a little rest while Sawyer is sleeping, helping Daphne finish chores and homework, getting some laundry done, whoops of course Sawyer needs another diaper change, and then Addison is off to bed and it is time to relax for a few hours.
I am very happy to be here for my daughter and her family and so honored to be a part of the delivery of our 9th grandchild. Thanksgiving is always a wonderful time and this year we will have at least one more thing to be grateful for.
Mom and baby are incredibly healthy and doing well, we are all so very thankful we were able to be here to experience this magical miracle of life.


  1. Vicki and Larry and all: Congratulations a thousand times over from the WGD crew. We think about you often and while we often have very poor internet, whenever we do, we check to see where you are. We are so happy for you! Where is your boat, when will you be back cruising? We are in Fiji and heading to Vanuatu early next week – then on to Australia for early November. Back in the US if all goes well in January. Enough with the homeschooling!! We love you loads, Barb (& M, D, & H too)

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