Posted by: vlbyers | November 27, 2011

Rocinante’s crew sails again

Steve and Jeanna on their new boat

sails flying

Our good friends, Steve and Jeanna, have been in the market for a new boat hoping to move up from their 27 foot Catalina. Larry and Steve spent several weeks looking at some likely candidates, not exactly a chore. Larry will help anyone with spending their money. We are a little homesick for our own boat and we enjoy looking and being around boats.
A 32 foot Catalina was found in Port Orchard, they went to take a look at it and even got a trial sail. The deal was made and accepted, their 27 footer was sold the day it was put up for sale and we made plans to help them sail the ‘new boat’ from Port of Brownsville marina to Everett Marina.
The day started early, before 0700 we were waiting in line for our Starbucks and ready to head over via the ferry to Kingston for our trip to Brownsville.
We met the former owner at his home and loaded the truck with the extra parts and then headed down to the boat. It was Jeanna’s and my first time to see the boat and we were very excited to see it firsthand. Luckily it wasn’t raining or as cold as it had been and the sun was peaking through the clouds encouraging us that our trip would be pleasant.
Our first glimpse at the boat proved that the guys had done their homework and gotten a great boat. It has everything that Jeanna and Steve wanted in a boat, this will provide plenty of great experiences and adventures for them in the years to come. Hopefully we will enjoy some of these adventures with them.
We stashed all our gear, did the systems check, started the engine and began our journey from Brownsville to the Everett marina. The first part of the day was sunny but windless, but as we made our way to the other side of Bainbridge island the wind started to pick up and before we knew it we were sailing with main and jib.
Our entrance to the Everett Marina was timed just right to get to the slip before dark but we didn’t get in before the temperature dropped and we were all frozen by the time we got to the dock. Luckily the Woodfire grill was warm and toasty and as we shared beverages, some great food and the recounting of our days sail experiences we warmed nicely concluding a very enjoyable day.

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