Posted by: vlbyers | December 23, 2011

Christmas time in the NW

Addison and Daphne picking out the tree

We don't need no mistletoe!

Julie and Emile decorating

They look YUMMY!!

For me Christmas means family, food and fun and I am getting all of that this year spending the holidays here in the NW surrounded by family. True the holidays are much more hectic in the city, I remember our first cruising Christmas spent with Rita and Steve of Lady J in Chamela, Mexico. We had a few gifts for each other, hung our stockings and a few ornaments for holiday decorations and got together for our Christmas meal. It was simple, no last-minute shopping-there was no place to ‘rush’ to. No fighting traffic-we were the only ones in the anchorage as I remember. No worries about gift giving since we live very simply and we don’t have the room for all kinds of extra stuff anyway. The time was spent enjoying the anchorage we were in and enjoying the time with our friends.
This year I am trying to stay in that space, making time for family and not having the consumer pressure take over. We joined in with picking out the Christmas tree, it was a frosty night, the christmas lights were shining and the trees smelled well, like Christmas! I am not sure if our suggestions made the top 10 but it was fun.
Making cookies, baking or generally cooking is a tradition that we enjoy during the holidays and we wanted to make some goodies to enjoy, find a new recipe to try, and make a plate or two to share with friends. This year I thought it would be fun to get together with all the kids and grandkids and make some cookies. My kids are all at the age where they can make their own cookies, the grandkids like to shape and decorate cookies and of course so do I.
We decided on a day that we could all get together (whew), bringing our recipes and ingredients. I made a big batch of sugar cookies for all to make and decorate and we mixed and beated and sprinkled all day. This year I found out that one of my daughters would stress out when she was younger, because she couldn’t make her decorated cookies as good as mine, and she admitted she still does. Her daughter was getting frustrated also with her ‘perfectionistic’ qualities so we did our best to laugh it off, I could however see that they would be jealous of my designs:)
We had a great day, made a great mess in Lauren’s kitchen (thank you Lauren) and have some tasty cookies to eat and share.
Making memories day by day. Thankful for my family and these memories.
Merry Christmas to you all. Next stop El Salvador!

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