Posted by: vlbyers | December 23, 2011


Lauren, Dustin, Andrew, Julie and Bridgette

Beautiful tables for feasting

Steve instructing Jeff on the fine art of carving the beast

Dolly with Sawyer

We have had the grand baby, mom is recovered and the family is coping well so why are we still here? It was my idea, since we were going to be here for the baby and well into November why not stay through to Thanksgiving, and then of course since we are still going to be here at Thanksgiving how about Christmas. After all it has been 2 years since we have spent the holidays with the kids.
So Lauren planned a big Thanksgiving dinner at her house, it is potluck of course to help with the dinner but her brothers and sisters often bring their dish unprepared and use the kitchen to chop, dice, slice and cook. Also her mother, (the biggest mess maker) I mean great cook, is living with her and loves to make many, sometimes complicated dishes. It’s all about eating isn’t it?
Everyone was able to attend, My dad and his wife, my brother David and his family, all the kids, even their dad, my X- Steve. We had a houseful for sure and it was loads of fun and plenty of food.
Larry didn’t think we got enough turkey though and made another on the next day, well they were on sale and we can’t pass up a sale!
Better late than never, Vicki

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