Posted by: vlbyers | January 4, 2012

Arrival back in Bahia Del Sol, El Salvador

A 12 hour flight, red eye, and we were back in El Salvador. Quick and painless through customs, we found William our driver without much fuss and we were on our way to the store to stock up on some essentials and then back to the boat.
At 3 pm we made it back to the boat, our friend Sam picked us up in his panga with all our boxes and bags and took us to Rocinante, waiting on her mooring. At first glance all looked good but I didn’t want to get my hopes up, knowing we would have some work ahead in all likelihood, to get her habitable again.
Rocinante was actually in very good shape on our return after a 6 month absence. Clothes needed a bit of airing, a blanket needed to be washed and of course the expected cleaning. Larry’s end was a bit more of a challenge, we had a water pump leaking the first night so no water and the generator wasn’t charging the batteries so we couldn’t use much electricity-no worries I didn’t want to clean or stay up late anyway!
The first day back on the boat gives me a little bit of a problem, the movement coupled with the lack of sleep and little food was just the combination for an upset stomach and a headache. I did a little straightening, making up a bed, putting some of our clothes and suitcases away and I was ready to call it a day. There’s always tomorrow.

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