Posted by: vlbyers | January 4, 2012

Cushion project-Day 1

Moulded seatback pieces

Vicki holding corner piece

Foam and base of settee

Actually the first day was long ago when I began planning for this project. The project I am about to embark on is replacing the cushions on the settees in our salon. We have been ‘living with’ cushions with no ‘cush’ for 21/2 years. I put slip covers on the old ones and placed blankets underneath for a bit of padding but now was the time to get all new cushions.
I measured, figured, contemplated and measured again before purchasing the fabric, foam, zippers, zipper pulls, batting and glue in Santa Tecla. Before we left for the states, I cut the foam and replaced the old cushions with the bare foam, covering it with towels and blankets, I was able to get rid of the old cushions making sure this project could not be put off once we returned to the boat.
I am excited to be in the middle of this long anticipated project, and part of the first day I decided that a square back would not provide any back support. One big reason for making the new cushions was to increase our comfort on the boat since I had enough foam left over I added the additional foam for the support that I wanted. I spent the best part of a day measuring, cutting, angling and gluing the pieces in place. The end result (so far)makes me smile!
The cushions with back support are in place, complete with their towel/blanket covers waiting for their final covers-much less foam on the boat!

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