Posted by: vlbyers | January 6, 2012

CP-Day 2

On our return I have been doing more calculations and investigation regarding the best (easiest) cushion for me to make. This was actually part of the first day of the cushion project. I had envisioned one way to make the cushions and made all the cutting instructions for the fabric based on this. Upon further investigation I realized another easier way for me to make them and so this starts the 2 day of cushion making.
By noon, it was Jan 1, new year’s day by the way, we were on our way to the dock in our little dinghy with the material, batting, one cushion, zipper material, thread, scissors, pins, computer….and all the requisite materials needed to begin the physical active process of making the cushions. It was new year’s day, I think I said that already.
The room that we thought (were told) I could use to cut and sew was being used, the place was crawling with people enjoying their vacation, buffets were being served, the pool was full and well, there wasn’t a place for me to set up. So back to the boat with all the materials to wait for everyone to leave, I am sure tomorrow will bring a quieter day for me to start.
I think I will ask first before lugging.

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