Posted by: vlbyers | January 6, 2012

CP-Day 3

First cushion

Zipper looking good! I'm very happy

The next day brought much better luck for me to use one of the hotel rooms. Much thanks to the Bahia Del Sol people for letting me set up all my stuff and use their room!! Many of the people had cleared out and I was told I could use the room by the pool. It is a huge room, one we have used for parties, the hotel uses it for their buffets but I was told it wasn’t going to be used for a few days.
I set up 2 long tables for cutting and sewing, several round ones for my computer, various other sewing items including the batting and material. Then I set up my sewing machine. After I removed the cover I turned the wheel, nothing, it wouldn’t move. I used 2 hands, nothing, still no movement. Just a moment of panic set in before I talked myself into the fact that it would probably be alright with a little bit of oil, it has been sitting for months on a boat. Out came the instruction manual with pictures of where to put the oil (thank goodness for pictures), so I followed the instructions exactly, oiled it up real good then tried to turn the wheel, it moved, barely. Well I knew I was on the right track so I continued to coax movement, placing more oil where I saw any movement at all. After several minutes I was able to get the machine going well, whew, crisis averted.
I spent the rest of this day cutting out the material and batting for the first cushion. Not wanting to make a mistake and wanting to be sure of my measurements before going wild and cutting into my material, making the first cushion completely would give me confidence to cut away on the rest of them.
The pictures say it all, it fit like a glove. Happy day.

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