Posted by: vlbyers | January 7, 2012

CP- Day 4, 5 and 6

3 completed back cushions

Day 4 I was ready to tackle it full steam ahead. My first cushion was completed, all the calculations were right on and my goal today was to complete 2 more. I started thinking that i should try to to more but I tend to push myself to the extreme when working on a project like this and then get worn out and frustrated when I start to make mistakes. Setting manageable goals would be a first for me!
The day started with a whirl of activity in the room I was using, chairs being brought in, tables and a screen set up. After a while I asked the waiter what was going on. It seems they were going to be using the room but it wasn’t a problem, wouldn’t be until later that afternoon. I went back to my sewing.
Only a few minutes later I was told that I would have to move. One of the other waiters came over to ‘help’ me, I appreciated his help but I was trying to gather all my stuff while looking out for him trying to disassemble my machine to move it. Yikes.
After being relocated, none the worse for wear, just a bit of a set back having to stop move and set back up, I was on my way to my next cushions. Thankfully I stayed with my goal of slow and steady wins the race! I completed the next 2 cushions which are on the side where Larry likes to sleep so now he has a complete new bed.
Day 5 I was able to remain in my new location without disruption. I had cut out enough material so number of cushions I completed today was 3, this brings the grand total of completed cushions to 6. 8 more to go.
Tomorrow I start on the backs, remember the angled back support!
Day 6 I continued with my slow but steady progress, every day getting just a bit faster as I perfected my routine and didn’t question my measurements. I was able to knock out 4 complete cushions today and also sewed 2 more covers, all that remains for those is to put the foam inside and zip them up. So far all is going well, I haven’t even had to rip much out, it really pays to be methodical sometimes. For the last day I have 2 cushions to make-home stretch!!!

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