Posted by: vlbyers | January 21, 2012

La Libertad and Antigua Spanish Immursion

Larry, Sherry and Steve at the 'bar' at the hostel

Our room at la Roble

Our patio at the hostel

Vicki with a baby turtle

When you just can't miss that TV program!

Making trips via land instead of taking our boat is usually a pleasant experience and full of adventure. The trip we have planned at the moment is to go to La Libertad and spend the night at a hostel there, head by shuttle to Antiqua, Guatemala and spend a week with a family doing a Spanish intensive. Then on to Costa Rica for a week in a timeshare. The Belize part of the trip (my idea) was nixed, it will have to remain on my top 10 places in the world to go.
The first day was complicated by Larry having to get a replacement passport. I guess that will have to be another post, or maybe you can ask him in person about the story, anyway the good news, he has a replacement passport and visa and we are able to continue our trip as planned.
The hostel, El Roble, in La Libertad was a bit of a challenge to find, a few wrong turns (actually if you read the instructions AND follow them..) Anyway once we found the road there were great signs to follow. As usual you can’t tell what a place is going to be like by looking at the surrounding areas. We were 4 blocks away from the ocean, the property is quite large and well-kept with 2 pools. The common area for eating, lounging, reading and socializing is full of interesting art and other funky collectibles. The entire place was very clean (funky does not equal dirty), the owner Darrin and his wife are friendly and very helpful. Since we took our friend Steve’s word on this place, we (and he) was happy that it turned out to be such a jem.
Darrin told us that they would be releasing turtles on the beach at 5 pm so we took off in search of place where this would take place as this was also one of the things on my top ten. The hike was a nice pre dinner exercise but we made it in time to help some of our little 4 legged creatures make their way to the great ocean they call home. The turtle project is something Mexico and El Salvador participate in to protect the turtles from their predators on the land. The eggs are un-earthed the moment they are laid and re-located to a safe caged place where they are watched for signs of hatching at the appropriate time. These little guys were only 5 hours old. This was definitely a highlight, and it is only the first day of our trip!!
Dinner was equally delightful, sharing it with some of our new friends enjoying the warm evening breezes and listening to some music. A nice end to an eventful and enjoyable day.
We are now (blogging, lounging, talking) waiting for the shuttle to take us to our next stop, Antigua for a week-long Spanish intensive.
Next stop Antigua, Guatemala

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