Posted by: Lare | October 15, 2012

Making Our Own Music

I’ve written a few songs over the years but it seems that in the last year I’ve had lots of inspiration and my output has increased a lot. Lyrics have been written with accompanying music and from there all it takes is money and time, (or timing). What may seem like a last-minute decision is actually a carefully thought out plan that just happened to come about at what may have seemed like the last minute. Okay, I may have put it off a bit too, but an original song is ready when it’s ready. In this case I was ready at the end of August but the stars didn’t align until late September. I have to admit to some apprehension about exposing a part of myself that not many people know, and that could have contributed to this. Surely all song writers, novelists, physical media artists and other performers have some of these same feelings. Or, it could be that I’m all alone on this island….whatever.

Anyway, about two weeks ago began a music project to get a semi-carefully selected few of my tunes recorded. It’s been a lot of work. My band mates of a hundred years generously offered their time to help me realize this dream. Our drummer, the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to play with, is Mark Jelsing. I first played with him in 1975 and we went on to play in many bands together. Besides being a first class musician, he’s a nice guy. My second partner in crime is a very nice guy as well. His name is Robert Thomsom, (I call him Berto). This fellow is perhaps one of the premier bassists in the land, and Mark and I have had the great fortune to be associated with him since 1980. Many years ago we three traveled the land seeking opportunities to regale the undeserving public, (our view at the time), with our musical expertise. Well, it didn’t quite work out the way we had hoped but we did form a very tight trio.

These are the guys who boldly went into the studio with me to create my first album. Over the last two weeks I’ve spent most every available minute practicing, writing, and rewriting eight songs for publication. The ninth is a cover that I have enjoyed playing for a couple of years, and which also features Vicki on the flute.

I met a couple of nights ago with a horn section featuring great saxophonist Paul Fessenden to lay a track in one of the tunes called All for Love. The album is now done and ready to mix down and send to the mastering studio.


  1. Congratulations on your recording. Can’t wait to hear it

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