Posted by: Lare | October 22, 2012

Back In Bocas

Well, here we are back in beautiful, but very warm, Bocas del Toro, Panama. You probably already knew this but it name means “Mouths of the Bull.” Needless to say it’s a lot warmer here than Seattle—currently about 86F with a humidity of about 85%.

Vicki is practicing her flute and when she’s done we’ll head to the beach for a cool down swim. I’ll post some pics of the beach later. Being that we were here only a week when we came back in June we didn’t really take time to see the area. We plan on fixing that this time.

Before we can go exploring there are boat chores. When leaving the boat for three months, as you can imagine, we have to batten down, disinfect, pickle, dehumidify, defrost, and otherwise pack up everything. Which means as well that when we return, we do the reverse of all these things. And of course, while you’re gone stuff breaks, corrodes, rusts, molds, mildews, expires, and rots, (excuse me, decomposes). We are now about halfway through the list of “stuff that needs to be done before we can go.” If you’re cruiser you know exactly what I mean. If not, it’s kind of like leaving your house for three months in an area where all the elements gang up and attack. Oh yes, and there’s that possibility of sinking thing. Anyway, Murphy was at work while we were away but luckily he missed a few items.

Still it’s good to be back in paradise, and as well it’s fun looking forward to the other paradises we plan to experience along the adventure trail in the next few months.

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