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Back in Bocas town

Guess the history behind the name of this restaurant!

Oct 20, 2012
Being back here in Bocas del Toro, at Red Frog Marina has taken a bit of getting used to. Having been in Seattle for 4 months I think I got used to the cool, and for sure the dry weather. It’s not either here.
We arrived in Panama City on the 15th, stayed in a hotel there for the night and then took the bus to David. Rumor had it that we could do our provisioning easily there in David and then arrange for transportation back to Bocas. The alternative would have been to take a flight out of Panama directly to Bocas, but since my memory was foggy as to the ability to provision in Bocas, and since one of the great pleasures I have is shopping, we chose to go to David. Reportedly the 8 hour drive from Panama to David is quite scenic, we saw several hours of it and then it began to rain which clouded the view out of the window, and then it was dark. Our stay in David was pleasant, air conditioned and quite upscale at the Gran Hotel Nacional, complete with wifi and an adjacent restaurant how could you go wrong.
We provisioned on Wednesday, called Toby of Toby’s freight and delivery, she picked up all of our purchases at the store and it was delivered to us in Bocas the next day! Wow, that is service. From David we took a bus at 0630 to Almirante, about 4 hours and then a water taxi which took about 45 minutes to Bocas. We met the delivery truck here and retrieved all our provisions, loaded them up on another water taxi for the 15 min boat ride to our boat at Red Frog, whew!
Now on to the boat, which we haven’t seen for 4 months and we don’t know the condition of, we hadn’t heard any reports of problems so we assume that all is well. I try to expect the best but envision many hours of scrubbing and washing due to mold and mildew even though we have had a dehumidifier on the boat the entire time.
Our arrival at the boat, well she is still floating, seems to have all the stuff on deck that we left there. First glances look good, below well it is hotter than ….well you know what. The first thing I do is turn off the dehumidifier-that thing puts out the heat for sure. Then the next order is to get our ‘once’ frozen and cold food into the fridge and freezer, thankfully I emailed red frog a few days ago and they turned it on. I welcomed the cold blast as I opened the door-that was one very good idea of mine.
Second order is to open some of our hatches and get some air circulating, as we unfold some laundry done just before we left and still in the bag, the heat radiates from it. We spend most of the day stowing, cleaning and unpacking. At the end of the day we are ready for our canned pears, melba toast and cheese dinner, well the delivery of food was great but somehow we missed all of our fresh fruits and veges? I didn’t have the energy to cook anyway.
Next day we go into town, Bocas, which is about a 15 min water taxi ride, to buy some veges. Catching up with friends and getting some great advice, we walked the town and found every grocery store, and I got my veges. Thankfully Larry remembered the cooler for our ice, one very important item on our boat and then we made our way back. Tonight I would make a great dinner with lentils, spinach and some other goodies, mostly a cool salad and very yummy. Being new arrivals we don’t know many of the other cruisers so we went to the dock ‘happy hour’, which of course is just everyone getting together and chatting and having a good time. The heat, humidity and shopping took it out of me and by the end of the day I was beat, gotta keep up on the fluid intake!
Today, Saturday, we got a bit of work done on the boat. There isn’t so much work as there is making sure everything is in working order. We put the jib back on, Larry inflated the dinghy and put the motor on, it started right up. The generator started right away as well, barbeque not so much, looks like we need a new hose, oh well you can’t have it all. The VHS needs a little tuning, SSB seems to be working, windlass needs some work on the switch and we want to remark the chain before we depart the dock. I need a new rearm kit for my PFD, we will look at the charts and decide where we will go once we leave the dock. Mid day we knocked off and took a walk to the beach, it’s about 10 minutes, mostly in the shade and quite pretty. The seas are calm this time of the year and there wasn’t much swell at all. We swam for a half hour, walked back and took a wonderful cool shower. This is the way to deal with the tropical heat, that and a wet bra.
Tonight was a wonderful meal of salmon with lemons and capers, steamed broccoli and olive tampenade for an appetizer. Larry wasn’t able to get the BBQ going but his quick thinking used the community BBQ at the end of the dock, good work Lar. I think we will watch another movie tonight, taking advantage of the power supply while we have it, turn in early and have a good nights sleep.

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