Posted by: vlbyers | November 4, 2012

Escape from the Red Frog

Don’t get me wrong, marinas are great places to have your boat. Red Frog was one of those marinas, safe, secure with great showers and laundry facility, power, water and of course internet not to mention great staff. But it is a marina and we didn’t sail off into the sunset to park at marinas.
After more than a week we had gotten all the systems aboard Rocinante in working order again, done our last load of laundry, made our last internet search and couldn’t think of any more reasons to stay. We tossed off the lines and headed out into the big blue, well we were actually only going to the Bocas anchorage, right off of Bocas town and only about 45 minutes away, but it’s a start.
This is our second night at anchor and oh my what a difference in the coolness of the boat, the marina is protected which means that there isn’t much air movement either, which means hot boat at night. If we were like some of those ‘other’ people with ‘air conditioning’, well we would probably still be there, but we are here. It feels good to be really back on the water, relying on ourselves and our boat.
Today we went to Bocas town for provisioning and I went to the Floating Doctors clinic day. The floating doctors started just a little over a year ago as a vision to travel the world and bring medicine and health and healing to those who were not able to access it. Stops were made in Haiti, after the tsunami, Jamaica and Haiti again, and then Bocas. Having been to Haiti several times it was apparent that they could make a bigger difference if they were accepted as a part of the community, which only happened after several months in one place. They picked Bocas to be their ‘home port’ and have been here serving not only the town of Bocas del Toro but many smaller communities in this archipelago.
Clinic today was quiet with only about 8 patients, Ben was the doctor on site and Claire was the nurse practitioner. I was simply there to observe today, Thursday will be very busy and they asked if I could return to help then. We thought we might take off tomorrow for the San Blas islands but this is an opportunity that I would love to have. There is also a clinic starting on Monday in a distant community called Cusapine, an island off of Panama, here they would see many pregnant patients and utilize their ultrasound machine, of course that is my area of expertise and I might be of more help.
Bocas is an easy town to like, walk able, with many stores including the vegetable store, which has its delivery on Tuesday, that was today and I was there. It is a TINY little hole probably 12ft x 12ft and crammed with vegetable bins lining the walls on 3 sides, a cash register and table which leave little room for the dozens of people who line up to get the best veges. The other stores have the basics and we have scoped out all of them. Larry knows where to get his ‘beer’ and I have discovered the Gourmet store, you will pay a bit more but when you gotta have it, you gotta have it. There is also a big music contingent here and Larry hasn’t gotten enough of it, there is an Alabama game on Saturday, another reason to stay. We will probably miss the good weather window but we do have our priorities.


  1. Hey Larry, could you please walk over to Windfall and check it for me. They check if for us, but nice to hear it’s not just a mast sticking out of the water! Aquadesiac is moored right beside us. We’ll be back there mid February (sigh). Missing the warm weather compared to it here in cold rainy/snowy Oregon!

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