Posted by: vlbyers | March 26, 2013

Saying so long to San Blas, Hello to our next port

One of the great things about cruising is all the wonderful people you meet and get to know. We spend time doing fun things like tours, snorkeling, walking the beach, yoga, playing music, making food, doing our nails (the girls that is) or just sitting in one of our cockpits talking about life, plans and life on the boat.
One of the difficult things about cruising is saying good bye to these great people. It happens with regularity and when you meet someone new chances are that you will be saying goodbye to them at some point in the future, just where that point lies is undetermined.
Today was one of those difficult days,we had to say goodbye to two of the boats we have had great times with. Today we will travel to the east lemons, tomorrow we plan to check out of the San Blas and out of Panama anticipating that we will get a good weather window for heading to Jamaica. We are hoping to the get the weather which will give us 15 K wind, and as our good friends on Diva said ‘I hope you have FF seas’. ‘What’s that?’ I said, Debi said ‘FF means F…ing Flat’! Those are the times I will remember, all the laughter.
Our plans in the next few days consist of making sure the boat will be in good working order for the offshore trip, picking up our friends in Panama who will be making the trip for us, provisioning and then waiting for that weather window. We are planning on a 5 day trip to the southeast end of Jamaica. Our hope is that our friends can spend a few days here in paradise, having fun but also becoming comfortable with the boat, before taking off. I am getting excited, this will be our longest offshore trip but not by much and I am much more at ease with the plan than I was say 4 years ago when we started this adventure. I know Rocinante and what a great sailing boat she is, how comfortable in weather she is and that we will make good speed depending of course on the direction and velocity of the wind. We played around the other day to see how we would point with the wind from the NNE and so with that information we would like wind from the ESE or better!
Today as we are sailing along we have 12 miles to go, with these light winds we should get to our destination about 4pm, oh well what else do we have to do. Larry is at the helm today, seems I have been at the helm, having fun hand steering for the past 2 weeks as we have moved from anchorage to anchorage so he can have a turn at playing with adjusting the sails and our direction. I get to play first mate and write a blog. I will miss sailing in the San Blas.


  1. I just loved reading your blog notes. They took me right back to the beautiful spot you are leaving. We too so treasured our time there with you and your dear friends. Truly an amazing place we will always cherish in our memories. Prayers for safe travel as you head to Jamaica. Wish we were there to share the passage with you guys! xxxxooooo

  2. I finally caught up on reading your blogs, sounds like you and Larry are having quite the adventure. Good to hear you are doing well!

  3. Yes, you said right… cruising, yoga, fun at beach give you new friends and its difficult to be separate from them but good thing is you take wonderful memories along with you

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