Posted by: vlbyers | June 1, 2013

Jamaica or bust part 3

I am finally getting part 3 up, Internet has been challenging during the past few weeks. As we left Jamaica I thought I had downloaded charts to our iPad, which is what we use in the cockpit while underway. It is a perfect solution, but it helps if you have the charts for a particular area.
Much to my horror as we sailed up towards Cuba to the south side of the island to make our way east I discovered that I hadn’t downloaded any of the Bahamas, zero,none zip. More on this later.
The last leg of our journey was uneventful.The winds started to decrease and it was apparent that we would have to do some motoring. The total time we had to motor was 44 hours directly east. I didn’t have another problem with seasickness and we arrived in Kingston with plenty of time to explore with our friends before they had to leave.
We had such a great time sailing and being with our friends, it is an adventure we will not forget.


  1. Vicki and Larry,

    Thanks for posting Part 3. You had us on the edge of our seats with Part 2 (although we knew you made it through Kokomo’s blog).

    We are moving onto Elizabeth Jean at the end of June and plan to sail to California in August.

    Eric and Eulalie (your friends from the Perry Rendezvous).

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