About the Yacht

Rocinante flying Spinnaker

Port Deck view

Port Salon


Master Cabin

Rocinante is a 1985 Passport 40. We just purchased her in May. She has gotten a new rudder, some hull work and new bottom paint. She is equiped for offshore work with a cutaway full keel, keel stepped mast, new sails, new standing rigging and a new engine. There are 2 cabins, one aft and one port, full galley with stove, oven and refrigerator and freezer! We have ice!!

We have sailed her 6 times since we purchased her. Wow does she sail well. We have been in winds from 6-20k. With winds of 10-12k a full main and genny she will sail 5-6k, and at 20k wind we had 9+k of speed. Black Cat did not like this last one–she was attacked by a container of falling buttons, we hope she gets used to the sailing life.


  1. ‘Twas great meeting you 3 the other night at Thanh Long in San Francisco with Jackie & Mark. Hope to see a pic of Black Cat sometime ondeck enjoying the sea and sun!

  2. Sounds like a great trip. I left Bellingham in 2005 but only sail 2 months of the year as my wife is not a sailor and we compromised. Last spring we went from San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua in April and stopped in Roatan Honduras in the Carib in June. Feel free to email if I can give any info on stops along the way.

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